Saturday, July 5, 2008


Some of you know I took a roadtrip this past weekend to Campo, Colorado. Campo is near the Oklahoma border and not too far from the Kansas either. I went with my brother & mom to see my cousin Natalie who had leukemia. We arrived Friday night and were able to spend time with her and the rest of the family. During the time we were there, Natalie had over 200 family and friends come by the house to visit her. She passed away Sunday evening surrounded by family and friends. I posted a while back about Natalie. I am a little in awe of her. Only 49, what an example of a loving, kind, caring, compassionate, beautiful, strong woman. She lived each to it's fullest. And most importantly she loved Jesus and the evidence of his presence in her life was aparent in everything she did ... til the end. Thinking and praying for you Royce, Jesse, Clint & Kayla and the rest of the fam!

Below are a few pictures from our trip. This is in pictured canyon which is literally just across the road from The Bursch place. Clint (Natalie's son) took us on a little expedition. I am discovering the older I get, the more afraid of heights I'm becoming.
My brother Eric.
Clint talked us into climbing on top of this thing. I didn't quite realize what we were doing until I was on top!

Eric and Clint taking a break from throwing rocks at birds. I think my great uncle dick says it best "the only difference between now and when these boys were 10 is they have checkbooks now."

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