Wednesday, May 21, 2008

please pray for natalie

These are a couple pictures of my aunt natalie and her daughter jesse. Natalie is actually my dad's first cousin (by marriage). I came across these pictures the other day. They were from a family reunion a couple years ago & the last time I saw Natalie. Natalie is such a wonderful woman - she has a love of life, is warm, caring, compassionate, funny. She has a laugh that is infectious. She is one of those people that just draws other to them. She lives each day to its fullest.

Natalie has leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant a couple months ago. Her husband Royce keeps family and friends updated nearly every day through e-mail (they live in Colorado). Despite the difficult time they are going through, they continue to be so positive. They see God's blessings and faithfullness in a situation some people would ask "where are you God?". I am blessed every time I read one of these updates by their faith and trust in God. Last week they got some news that the Leukemia is back. Natalie is still very weak and so they are waiting on news from some more tests to see what her treatment options are. Natalie & Royce -we love you & are praying for you!

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